The Big Guy With A Big Heart

cupcake monsters

Written by: Sheri Lipps, Clinical Research Coordinator II

So what is it that I hear most often when I go in to see my patients? Sometimes it will be the normal conversation of “How are you today?” or “Anything new going on?” Majority of the time the number one question I hear is “Where’s the big guy?” So, who’s the big guy you ask? Well, for those of you that are not familiar with Community Hospital Anderson, the big guy would be Tyler Prater. I don’t know exactly how tall Tyler is. Tyler is just really, really tall, but a lot of people are really, really tall compared to me since I am only 5’2”. Tyler will usually do my lab draws for my patients, and they have just come to expect Tyler to come into the appointments with me I guess. Tyler is such a caring, kind-hearted person that he does NOT like if he hurts them. I don’t think I have ever worked with anyone who will always ask, “Are you okay?” He genuinely cares which is exactly why is he is so good at what he does. So, if you are ever over at CCRC and you hear someone ask, “Where’s the big guy?” now you will know.

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