National Autism Awareness Month

April is a time for warm weather and forgetting the cold winters that we just had.  It’s about seeing the flowers bloom and the wildlife return.  However, April is only about the spring weather but is also about spreading awareness about a neurological disorder that shows itself in the first 3 years of a child’s life.  The disorder that I am talking about is Autism. Continue reading

Drug History: Penicillin


As usual we like to look at how those wonderful medications that have become so common to us now, got started long ago before they were part of an everyday treatment.  Today we’re going to look at what became a wonder drug once it was found.  We will cover a drug that changed the game so to speak once it was tested.  This drug helped to cure many diseases that at that point in time were incurable.  This wonder drug that I am referring to is Penicillin.

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Brain Awareness Week

When people think about the brain, we see it as the command center for the entire human body. The Brain sends messages through our bodies telling our organs to function properly.  If we did not have our brains we would not be able to function at all.  In school a speaker when talking about the brain said if we didn’t have a brain to tell our bodies what to do for us, we would have to audibly speak out loud the function we wanted out body to do like “breath” or “blink”. Continue reading

Drug History: Ibuprofen

Have you ever experienced arthritis pains?  Have you ever experienced a headache? Well, scratch that last question, everybody at some point has had a headache.  Let’s all just agree to forget that I asked that.  Ok, let’s get back to the point here.  So when you ever experience any of these pains what is it that you look to for relief? Yes, you guessed it, you go for Ibuprofen.  Have you ever wondered when taking ibuprofen, “I wonder how they came up with ibuprofen?”  Well you are in luck if you have because I will tell you a little more about this everyday painkiller. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day and the Heart

This week falls a holiday that we all consider to be about love.  Yes that’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day and it is coming up on Friday.  On Friday, like every year, people will take their special someone out to dinner or the movies.  Kids will have classroom parties where they hand out candy and cards to their classmates.  Decorations will be hung up with hearts and the colors red and pink.  However, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only thing that February is about, but it is all about the heart. Continue reading

American Heart Month

If I asked you “What is the number one cause of death for both men and women?” would you know what that is?  Let me give you a couple of hints to see if you can get it.  Every year it costs $312.6 billion in the United States alone.  Any guess now?  No?  Ok, here is another hint for you.  715,000 people are affected by it every year and 600,000 people die from it each year.  That accounts for 1 in every 4 deaths. Do you have an idea what it is now?  Alright, well I’ll just tell you instead. The number one cause of death in both men and women is heart disease. Continue reading

Meet Our Doctors – Dr. Tahir Naqvi, M. D., Oncology

            Born in Pakistan, Dr. Naqvi came to Anderson to practice medicine. Dr. Naqvi is currently practicing Oncology in the Cancer Center at Community Hospital in Anderson. In addition to his Oncology work, Dr. Naqvi is also affiliated with Community Clinical Research Center where he oversees trials in Oncology.

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